Human, Wheat & Authenticity

03-11-2020 I am writing this as an overview of my entire project. Just to give an idea, I started with roti in my kitchen, which led on to wheat, changes in wheat seed because of increasing demands to questioning authenticity of wheat followed by studying farmer wheat relationship and till this point. I felt IContinue reading “Human, Wheat & Authenticity”

Thinking-Reading-Making 4

06-11-2020 This week was quite different maybe because it was the last week for our first cycle, already been five weeks and lots of explorations and thinking. The approach towards thinking tool was different this time and I will present it here also in the same manner. It started with performing an action. We wereContinue reading “Thinking-Reading-Making 4”

Thinking-Reading-Making 3

30-10-2020 Ever thought how to pull out ideas from thoughts? Yes, you are right, using a thinking tool. One more from the never-ending list to choose from. This one is known as “Affinity Mapping” and is a convergent thinking tool. It is helpful in pulling out new ideas from the existing set of concerns. IContinue reading “Thinking-Reading-Making 3”

Thinking-Reading-Making 2

23-10-2020 Our thoughts are formed of perceptions. Perceptions which have become stable with time, and we operate from those perceptions. But where and how does these perceptions get created? They are formed by our mind, mind having these various flows and connections, that is the reason even our perception keeps on flowing from one toContinue reading “Thinking-Reading-Making 2”

Revolutionary Creativity, East and West: A Critique From Indigenous Psychology

16-10-2020 Academic Paper Review In the paper Louise Sundararajan and Maharaj K Raina argues upon the notion of revolutionary creativity as per the cross-cultural psychology and how Asians are considered deficient in it. It is analyzed that problem does not lie in non-western creativity but in the biased sampling of cross-cultural psychology and he aimsContinue reading “Revolutionary Creativity, East and West: A Critique From Indigenous Psychology”

Thinking-Reading-Making 1

16-10-2020 It is especially important for me to write this down and to share my experiences of thinking-reading-making. I am a thinker but one that does not know how to streamline my thoughts. But now this has to change as I will be exploring various tools to have conversations with my thoughts, to express myContinue reading “Thinking-Reading-Making 1”

Farmer – Wheat relationship

20-10-2020 For developing my line of inquiry further, I had to go through few readings that gripped my mind, I am listing here the same: Barnes, Jessica. 2016. “Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: The Social Worlds of Wheat.” Environment and Society , Vol. 7 89-106. Leverink, Joris. n.d. Seed Freedom & The Future ofContinue reading “Farmer – Wheat relationship”

Roti to Wheat

13-10-2020 “Home” is a 2009 documentary directed by French photographer, reporter and environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand and produced by Luc Besson. It is the documentary which I watched as a part of my master’s class and it led to question our existence on the planet. All the life forms on earth are interconnected to each otherContinue reading “Roti to Wheat”

Nothing is Authentic

06-10-2020 “Authenticity requires a certain measure of vulnerability, transparency, and integrity.” Janet Louise Stephenson In my first master’s studio, I have to look at the notion of “Authenticity”. The studio dwells upon larger questions of politics of knowledge systems, culture and traditions, complexity of relationships, developing new cultural worlds, collaboratively constructed & creatively communicated histories,Continue reading “Nothing is Authentic”