Subconsciously Conscious

Conversations with thoughts, readings and happy accidents.


03-10-2020 Glenn Murcutt, in his acceptance speech for “The Pritzker Architecture Prize” in 2002 said: “I have always believed in the act of discovery rather than creativity. Any work that exists, or which has the potential to exist is related to discovery. We do not create the work. I believe we, in fact, are discoverers”.  This quote resonatesContinue reading “Prarambh”


Revolutionary Creativity, East and West: A Critique From Indigenous Psychology

16-10-2020 Academic Paper Review In the paper Louise Sundararajan and Maharaj K Raina argues upon the notion of revolutionary creativity as per the cross-cultural psychology and how Asians are considered deficient in it. It is analyzed that problem does not lie in non-western creativity but in the biased sampling of cross-cultural psychology and he aimsContinue reading “Revolutionary Creativity, East and West: A Critique From Indigenous Psychology”

Thinking-Reading-Making 2

23-10-2020 Our thoughts are formed of perceptions. Perceptions which have become stable with time, and we operate from those perceptions. But where and how does these perceptions get created? They are formed by our mind, mind having these various flows and connections, that is the reason even our perception keeps on flowing from one toContinue reading “Thinking-Reading-Making 2”