Shabd-Samuh is a list of phrases, questions & words that have captured my attention and have affected me in different ways during my journey.


Art and Design is a way of thinking, being & seeing.

Process is God.

Everything is rough and beautiful.

Designing is a way of learning.

Our perceptions are like flow of water.

Objects become identity with time.

Accident becomes techniques with time.

Perception of a new meaning constitutes a creative act.

We must be apprentices of listening, not masters of discourse.


What is it that I can do as a designer?

What is culture and its interpretation of ethics, how does it affect a person’s ethical conduct and action?

How can I develop a system thinking as a thinking routine?

It is important to ask “How” and “What if” questions as a designer.

Can we begin by looking closely to reassess and rediscover what we want to define as creativity?

How our colonized ways of thinking impacts our notion of self, art and design education, creative industries?

How to develop a vocabulary for visual reading?

What is it about our ways of perceiving that makes us not see existing delicate interdependencies in an ecological system?

How is this knowledge produced in our brains that defines our relationship with other things and beings?


Philosophy concerned with the nature of being.

A social environment that you live or work in.

The branch of philosophy that deals with knowledge.

It is the study of structures of consciousness as experienced from the first-person point of view.

Known to be real and genuine.

Cause something to continue indefinitely.

A separation or contrast between two things.

Material Culture
It is the manifestation in material form of the practices of a society.

Not to be purposeful and to be flexible and full of playfulness.

Making different things more alike.

Tactic Knowledge Knowledge containing concrete skills and reactions that are not specifiable in language, such as riding a bicycle.

Cybernetics Science developed to describe processes taking place in complex systems like interactions, organization, communication, control.