Reflection 1- Week 1

“Perception of a new meaning constitutes a creative act.” -Bohm

I’d like to begin with a sentence by Bohm that has been stuck in my head since day one of the back to normal classes of my master’s program. My eagerness of returning to campus was high, and I was keen to learn more about the topics that will be offered this semester. And this excitement resulted in a pleasant surprise from my three facilitators, who are the change agents for this cycle of my master’s studies. The surprise I was looking forward to was two distinct contexts of the built and non-built, with systems thinking as an anchor in between. Though it’s difficult to separate these three paradigms because they’re all interwoven in so many ways, I’ll have to pick the bus that will take me the furthest.

This studio is like peering into a kaleidoscope to me, where new patterns emerge every time/day, and my facilitators are the reflectors in kaleidoscope. Nandini is reflecting the natural environment here by focusing on biodiversity, coexistence, India’s natural heritage, colonized attitudes, and much more. By reimagining cities and their elements as spaces or places of interdependencies and human-environment relationships, Keya is reflecting the realm of built environment. While Bindu will be reflecting the processes of turning and twisting the kaleidoscope both inside and outside to generate new random but not truly random systematic patterns in order to make apparent the relationship between myself, the community I will be engaging with, and the ecology. Returning to my original point, this Kaleidoscope is the lens that will leave me with new meanings for developing new perspectives, overcoming or at the very least becoming conscious of my own biases through the creative act of twisting and turnings.


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